More than ever, event organizers have access to a host of digital tools designed to help them attract and retain new members. Knowing how to use these tools and then incorporate them into a marketing plan can set you up for great success.

1. What Makes You Unique

Every organization ultimately has something that makes them unique. Are you a young and vibrant event focused on activities? Do you have a exceptionally creative group, or a very traditional? Discovering what sets you apart is the first step in getting to know who you are marketing to.

2. Get to Know Your Audience

One of the best ways we recommend to track website usage is Google Analytics. By using this powerful tool, you can discover who is visiting your site and leaving after reaching the first page, and who is going beyond the landing page to look at other parts of your site. By learning what content is valuable, you can begin to provide the right information to the right people.

3. Create Interest Based Activities

Identify groups of people in your community based off of their interests. Is it sports, music, theater, dance, books? Create and advertise interest based activities on your site and you can begin to discover something your community is passionate about you may not have otherwise known.

4. Set Goals and Objectives

Sometimes it is difficult to take the intangible goals of an agency and break it down into minutia. But providing clear direction and measures can help make sure programs are on track or need corrective adjustments. Decide on a few small objectives and goals per month, and then revisit and adjust accordingly.

5. Make Adjustments

The most important thing you can do to improve your marketing, is be open to make adjustments. Who is your content reaching, and is it engaging. Remember everything is a lesson, so there are no mistakes.